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Smart Domainers are buying .Pro Domains...

.pro domain special reduced pricing are most likely never going to be this cheap again. If you haven't diversified your .pro portfolio or want .pro domain at a discount for web development you better act quick! Come Friday, the specials are going to very quickly be a thing of the past. This reduced first year pricing has been around for about 7 months but no matter what the reasoning is for the seems the extension is progressing on a different path more aligned with the quality of the extension. This is not a discount extension and although more expensive even at $14 - 15 dollar renewals and registration is still relatively competitive with other major extensions out there. goes to auction at $1,875 EUR.

Like Wine? Well is now at auction with a ripe starting price of 1,875 EUR.  This would certainly make a great name for a small wine shop and probably has many applications for anyone offering anything to do with wines or wine sales even. The short single keyword .pro domains is a great way to go and has a nice ring too it. If you are interested in this domain or want to look at the auction page go to the auction at sedo

Pro Web Development starting to take off!

[inline:tech.jpg]Professional web development is on the rise and with the many new registrants getting into .pro domains over the last few months will only help push this higher. I know we are doing our share to increase exposure of .pro websites on the web with our recent initiative of a website for international calling utilizing the keyword pinless of Not that we need to focus on our own initiatives and self, but all this ties into what is best for the .pro extension right now and that is really key on making websites that are sought after and rank higher within the search engines.

Table.Pro Now at Auction at 2,000 USD!

[inline:table pro.jpg] Are you a furniture professional or want to run the ultimate online table store...we'll has been released to auction with a starting price of just 2,000usd. That is good news for anyone wanting to get this premium domain on the cheap. The appraisal listing is over 9,400 for this hot item and I would think that anywhere between 6,500 and 8,500 would be a good price for such a listing.

Again, if you are in the business of furniture sales or own a company that doesn't have a great single word keyword then this is an offering that you wouldn't want to miss online since there are only 5 days in the auction you will have to act fast to become the new owner. 

With the hundreds of thousands of furniture outlets out there and wholesale companies, you'd think that there would be a lot of interest in owning household items that are purchased daily and generating millions of dollars in sales on an annual basis. would be a drop in the bucket even if used for advertising purposes to generate more leads to an existing site. 

.Pro is a Sleeping Giant

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:33:]].Pro keeps racking up 1 to 4K sales for premium domains as the registry keeps growing their registrant numbers. Make no mistake about it, the domain extension is still very undervalued within the domain community and I think few could have anticipated .pro making the recent advancement as it has let alone where we feel this domain extension is headed.  

Here are a combination of private and public sales that have sold recently that facts pro hasn't reported yet.

Supplier.Pro at Auction starting at 4,000 USD!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:26:]]It's too frequent to say it's just luck at this point. is yet another of a string of .pro's to go to action on Sedo and starts with a sizeable bid of 4,000 USD.  Generally we've been feeling some increased activity here  at the facts pro aftermarket with more tire kicking than usual, but there really is no denying the fact that .pro interest has picked up significantly from where it was even 6 months ago. 

When domain extensions heat up, it's certainly better too strike before the iron gets to hot.  There have been several significant news events concerning .pro's Sells for $25,000 USD

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:25:]].Pro domains are certainly rising with a recent 4 letter .pro sale taking a top sale at afternic auctions this week. The report is on top of last months sale of that sold for 40K and sale for over 18K.  A lot of people may be wondering why .pro sales are hitting the charts, but it comes with little surprise to the strong base of registrants that have held positions in the extension and believe that .pro has strong chances of being adopted as a major internet extension that caters to online business and an exclusive category of websites online.

According to the whois, the domain was sold by the same domainer that owns who has previously sold premium domains such as a few years back for 18K.

Business.Pro Goes to auction at 4,500 USD

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:23:]]Several .pro domains are headed to the auction block on sedo. At the top of the list is at 4,500 USD which is a deal even at what might appear like a high value. Other domains on sedo's auction block currently is and but at much less cost.  I guess the after effects of the big GoDaddy auction have spurred some recent interest in .pro domains as I know several .pro holders that have been receiving bid within sedo's aftermarket.

Although many people aren't letting them go to auction, there are definetly some that don't mind risking their domains to chance and let the marketplace take over.  I think that business .pro could

Just Registered GiftCertificate.Pro and the plural!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:22:]]Where can you hand register a high value domain other than the .pro extension. Registration has been ramping up huge with encirca's recent 2.99 sale that even can't really compete with. However, the sale should be ending soon and I guess that means it's back to business as usual and we expect to see the quantity of .pro domains drop down to a more regular pace. 

.Pro hits the Highway with 40K GoDaddy Sale!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:21:]]I'm pretty confident we've seen the largest .pro sale to date.  The GoDaddy 3 letter .pro sale ended last night with some fairly large results for .pro sales. Topping the list was at 40K, followed up by what appears to be an over 18K sale for,, along with and Wee.Pro all sold last night in a somewhat heated auction to close out a surprising day on .pro in general.  Afilias