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Linkedin IPO Reveals Large Professional Demographic

100 Million business people are members of Likedins growing online professional social network which is obviously great news for LinkedIn, but could also spell good news for .Pro professional domains that can benefit from professional people being online.

.Pro Registry Announces new CEO

Hope remains alive that the newly announced RegistryPro CEO, Karim Jiwani will make strong advancements towards driving significant registrant growth in the near future. The press release states that there is significant future growth within the .pro registry and it is our take on the article that the new ceo will take a more proactive stance on spreading the word on .pro to the business public and professional world. 

Photo.Pro Sells for 18K

We just caught wind of a few more solid .pro sales that holds the bar on .pros at the 18K range on premium keyword .pro domains. In addition to the sale, it is also reported that the same AllProDomains registrant has sold for 4.5K that is a nice addition to the previous (4)four 5-6K sales previously posted this month. Although the values are not coming in exceedingly high for these domains, I think what is exciting is to see the multiple bids coming in for these domains.

Three Three letter .Pros Sell at Auction over 5K!

.pros 3 letter auction reports good results with several 5K plus sales with, and All.Pro taking the top of the list. Its fair to say that interest in these auctions have been gaining momentum in the last few months and with the reduction in registry fees to (9.99 annual) as well as a growing registry base have contributed to the appeal of owning a .pro domain. Sells at Auction! sale came down to the last minute as the domain went to auction at 1,800. The results went favorably for .pro as well as the ultimate buyer who purchased the domain from the hands of 2 other serious bidders for $6,101.00 US dollars today. Interest in .pro domains and aftermarket sales have been showing steady growth over the past year.

.Pro Presents a Strong Brand

.Pro represents a considerable enhancement to Products and Brands. It doesn't take long to see how many times pro or professional is used in conjunction with products. Pro + Anything is usually read to most consumers as the best line of products available. I think alot of times we associate pro with professionals, such as Doctors, Lawyers and Architects, but again, the word pro carries well over into building a proven marketable brand.

Finding a Professional Domain for Your Business

Consider carefully before just quickly choosing a domain for your business. There are a ton of reasons why you need to choose relevant domains that can be built upon to increase web traffic, google ranking as well as create repeat business from your web visitors.

.PRO Domain...Has Never Been Easier to buy!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:14:]]Owning a .Pro has never been easier and cheaper for that matter. welcomes anyone interested in .pro domains and is now in a unique position to be offering registry services through this very website, so take a minute to learn some of the facts about internets powerful professional extension and we look forward to providing you a premiere source for domain investment, aftermarket domain listings as well as affordable registry fees for anyone looking to register a .Pro or those

.Pro Registry Reports 100,000 registrants

As reported by Facts wants to indicate to our readers that a landmark news release was reported by the .pro registry. recommends .Pro as a strong buy, telling our customers to concentrate on premium keyword .Pro domains and preferably single words.

.Pro registrations for exceptional investment

.Pro is a huge investment opportunity for a multitude of reasons and I'd like to name several within the next few lines of this article. The fact that the .gtld is now price competitive with popular .com, .co, .net, .org extensions should easily outweigh any concern over buying a restricted extension. This extension has great staying power on the internet due to its universal and worldly appeal. Many people have concern over the introduction of right of the dot domains such as .xxx, music ect..