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Domain Investing in new gtlds

 We're all seing the rollout of new top level domains (Gtld's)  but the big raging debate is whether these new extensions are a good investment or not.  Anyone who has read our articles realizes that we have a bias towards new extensions as shown in our long term support for .pro and other non .com extensions. 

Is .Com meaningful to your Business? More evidence of the demise of .Com

The domaingang reported a 100% true article according to them reporting alternate views from the guys at Donuts who believe that .com is currently at its height and will enter a period of decline as new gtld's come to market and offer more exciting and relevant extensions to online business.  This discussion raises a nice point that we've felt for years regarding why people by .com's at all. asks the big question...Do You Really Need a .Com? responds "Go with .Pro"

We'll many of you know that what the real answer to that question is and it is...We'll of course you don't, If you're in business you need a .PRO!!  The questions is being asked by a major business source and many people are going to be considering the same thing many times over the next year what we already know. 20 Years .Com will be like AM radio according to Frank Shilling

Folks, this is a must read on why .com could become old news in the coming years.  No matter what your opinion is on domain investing the truth is that finding new relevant domain names is important. Its always been our focus to promote alternate domain names for this very same reason and .pro is one of the extensions that is on a slow trajectory to rise in the coming years as the general population becomes tired of .com that could become a little stale, tired and old in the future.

The domain industry is on the cusp of truly understanding the value of new domain extensions...What domain should your business buy?

More and more we are seing evidence of small startups and companies showing interest and/or developing on new alternate domains. While we've been talking about this dynamic for years here at rarely has big news been made of it. Today issued a real interesting blog post on how the state of Alabama has marketed Alabama.Travel as their website address to help promote the states tourism.