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GoDaddy caught forwarding a .pro?

It's a powerful brand name and godaddy appears to get it! Having a solid professional look and standing well above the rest starts with owner a .pro brand for your business. The future in our opinion is headed to unique powerful brands and .pro will lead the pack once consumers have a chance to browse through all of the available extensions out there.

Insurance .pro gets hit with UDRP makes domain headlines today for all the wrong reasons as reporte at  It is interesting how the larger domainers become very oriented to certain domains but not to others judging by the first line in the story.  We hand it to thedomains for reporting the story and maintaining focus on what matters which is that no matter what extension you have everyone can be affected by UDRP process or potentially reverse domain name hijacking. has sold for 7,000 USD

Another .pro sold as reported in DNjournal this week for and Both domains combined sold for 8,000 US dollars. It is another sign of greater acquisition of .pro domains and a good snap shot of where .pro's are in the market place. This premium collection could be worth a whole lot more in coming years so surely it is a good deal for both buyer and seller at this point in time. and SOLD! - According to Recent Domain Aftermarket Sales Report Your time may be running out

Your time may be running out to buy domains like and that recently sold for 1K and 2,000 Euro further helping the domain aftermarket for professional domains online.  If you are scrambling to understand how your business can maintain a strong web presence and are want a premium domain in a growing online brand than consider .pro for your next website url!  Sales remain consistent for top level domains within the .pro extension.

.Pro discussion is a big driving force for the professional extension...Join the Community, Participate & Market the extension

Namepros .pro discussion continues to drive interest through an established forum thread.  It is an exceptional resource for anyone that wants to buy or sell .pro domain names and its about time that facts provides an article centered around the impact of this group as it represents a community of people that hold firm on the belief that .pro will continue to being a strongly adopted extension in the future.  

You will find that there are strong .pro portfolio owners there that post the most recent news concerning .pro along with sales. In fact, a namepros memeber, VADTS just posted "Sold rezina(.)pro (russian translit related to Tires) 2500 USD, Sedo"  That is a decent sized .pro sale and it is not suprising that it was a russion word that indicates the interest that .pro is receiving around the world !!

.Pro hits home this week with 3 sales listings in DNJournal. hits the charts in the number 4 position this week on dnjournal. .Pro domains continue to make appearances on the sales charts in spite of the more reserved form of marketing for this extension. came in at $1,250 USD  and at $1,032 USD  are both decent sales.  ChatRoulette may be one of the first 2 word domain sales we've seen in the extension.  

User B&J of nameprose .pro domain thread reports that the....

Raise the Bar for your business with a .Pro domain

There is a limited amount of truly great domains out there and with the enormous amount of choices coming into the market place as part of the new gtld program it is more important than ever to differentiate your business and online professional identity with one of the most marketable choices online for a web destination. Sells on Sedo for $2100

Activity is picking up. From what I hear from some other .pro domainers there is more interest picking up in investing in .pro domains. I think the word may be getting out about the top professional extension out there that is .PRO! See the DNJournal listing. hits the Sedo Auction block with $4900 starting bid

.Pro continues to make aftermarket sales with earlier this week hitting sedo's auction block at 1K. Now heats up with a 4900 initial bid and moves to auction. Single word premium domains like continue to bring reasonable amounts and this is just an ongoing sign that .pro sales continue to be made. 

Real Professional Web Hosting available at affordable prices at WEBhost.PRO!

Now .pro domainers and web developers have a real professional hosting company to go to in order to utilize cost effective web hosting at affordable rates. It's interesting to see more and more companies re-branding themselves to a strong marketable .pro domain. This company is a long established web hosting provider and appears to be improving their web presense through the use of a highly targeted .pro extension. 


.PRO | DN80


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