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Primary tabs 20 Years .Com will be like AM radio according to Frank Shilling

Folks, this is a must read on why .com could become old news in the coming years.  No matter what your opinion is on domain investing the truth is that finding new relevant domain names is important. Its always been our focus to promote alternate domain names for this very same reason and .pro is one of the extensions that is on a slow trajectory to rise in the coming years as the general population becomes tired of .com that could become a little stale, tired and old in the future.

It's important to look forward and view the domain industry against the grain while making decisions on how you will be investing in your money. It only makes sense that .com domains could lose value going forward if major brands start to move away from .com being the only investment choice out there. Here is a link to the article for your reference. It's worth the read for anyone serious about domains:

.Pro is one of the few new .gtld's that offers a wide open extension that will work with thousands of keywords. There are few choices in new extensions that offer the quality and wide spread appeal of what .pro can bring to a keyword that is left of the dot. Enhancing your image is what its all about and nothing is quite like having the ring of professional after your name.