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The domain industry is on the cusp of truly understanding the value of new domain extensions...What domain should your business buy?

More and more we are seing evidence of small startups and companies showing interest and/or developing on new alternate domains. While we've been talking about this dynamic for years here at rarely has big news been made of it. Today issued a real interesting blog post on how the state of Alabama has marketed Alabama.Travel as their website address to help promote the states tourism. 

Marketing non .com domains

It may prove very challenging to market non .com domains as those that use the internet have done so with the mindset that it is However, I need to repeat again companies appear to be thinking to the contrary as .Me domains have certainly lead the way in several recent developments of sites like, and that have triggered large non .com sales.  As of today their was some news on how just received a high 30K offer which continues the trend for development on the .Me brand alone. 

This trend to non .com domains is only starting to grow.  With the news of and even even we are starting to see that significant development outside of the traditional internet methods of development could easily be changing in a significant way. 

New Gtlds the culprit?

You bet. Talk of new gtld's could be saving companies thousands on purchase of a domain and we belive will be a growing trend on how business now have other options to buy affordable new domain real estate. A fitting marketable domain name under any extension could provide a unique brand. Of course for the next few years till the public truly understands the availability of other destinations online you may be throwing traffic to the .com version of the domain you are developing but we wouldn't under estimate the public's abillity or intellect.

New domains could be very exciting and when seen on prominant posters and ads like you see for V.Me and apparantly Alabama.Travel there could be a significant payoff to those that make decisions to go with the alternate brands. We could easily see the day where that is just plain...MORE COOL! to own.