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Girls Girls Girls dot pro at Sedo Auction

now listing at 1,000 dollars has hit the auction block.  The domain that is priced very well for a premium level .pro will sell but can the price head higher.  Judging from the commercial viability of the domain name and previous .pro domains that have sold recently this is priced at the low end of the spectrum for .pro domains. 

An aftermarket has been building for .pro domains, but the extension continues to increase the registrant base and may be at a point where it is set to take its next leg of growth. Although no specific plans have come out from Encirca on where they plan on taking the extension it appears that new registry growth now puts .pro registrants at 160,000 domains registered which is a large increase over last years numbers. 

I think current .pro domain holders are pleased enough with the growth of the domain to hold on to the premium .pro domains and are looking for the at the possibility of either some type of news regarding registration requirements or the extension getting picked up by GoDaddy.  If either of these two key pieces became true than .pro could hit another leg up as interest about the extension remains a positive. 

Registrations are believed by many to be hurting .pro's growth....even though the has proven that .pro can in fact grow with them.

The big question is .pro dependent on restrictions or would the domain actually benefit from renegotiating their contract with ICANN. Since the new gtld environment has no open the door for thousands of new applications for all types of words as an extension there is not much reason for still maintaining restrictions at all. 

.Pro is a very universal domain extension and its adoptation within multiple countries and cultures is the basis for its growth!

You only have to look around the world and see that many countries have been buying .pro and this is primarily the reason why the domain extension will do well and continues to grow. India and other countries have been behind the recent surge that took .pro from 100K to 160K and there will need to be some type of catalyst to propel the extension further.

Overall the risk/reward ratio is sill behind .pro as the extension is seen as growing with the idea that .pro will continue to gain placement within the major registrars. Click here to goto auction