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How to build web traffic you can rely on

One of the most frustrating parts of developing web traffic is the ability to get traffic to your site. Yeah, we've read all the articles on SEO and the latest updates to what Google is going to allow or not allow you to do that will affect your future and your rank.  But for those that are having a hard time achieving the high expectations for their websites or just plain don't want to bother with the frustration of making their websites 100% search engine friendly than what can  you do?!

The answer is relatively simple and involves getting out there and knowing just how you can promote your website to those that would benefit from it. The reality is that the web doesn't just come to visit you in most cases and in order to captivate an audience you need to get one.  Way easier said than done but there are some options now for gaining traffic online.

Online Advertising

Simply joining a pay per click program can help lift your visiting traffic. Of course we've all heard of what Google can provide you through their adsense program, but many times new websites that don't meet their ever growing strict criteria are suffering from not being able to place ads on their networks or become publishers on the network.

Problem is that their are few solutions that are affordable for the growing number of websites that want to advertise online. Don't get me wrong their are alternatives to Google and we want to introduce you to one that is helping to develop in an effort to building a strong advertising platform for small business owners and work at home business that is seeking a lower cost solution to online advertising.

Direct Keyword Ads

Keword advertising part of an ad network can help your ads show themselves on content that is related to the type of traffic that will benefit you. In this regard you will want the ability for a network to allow for keywords that will place your ads on pages that can offer related content and therefore pass traffic to you that the readers of those articles would be interested in.

Affordable Advertising

In most cases the only thing those 2 words have with eachother is that they start with an 'A'. is a solution that supports and we recommend it for you and your online advertising needs. You can create either a publisher account or an advertising account and start to either show ads or create ads that you would like to appear on other related websites using the keywords you define.

There is no cost to signup and the management is working to keep the costs down. Currently you can show ads on the growing number of publishing websites in their network for a fraction of the cost of other major ad networks.  You can start running ads for as little as 5 dollars and this could last a while since you can get prominate advertising for just 5 to 10 cents while only paying for the clicks you recieve. is built on a professional domain and by supporting the ads network you are supporting the use of .PRO domains! This is in addition to the strong customer service that the website is making toward all participants in the network.  Many times webmasters get frustrated by not being able to contact someone live who can provide advise on how to utilize the advertising network or help them with questions concerning their advertising campaigns.  It's time you take hold of and become part of a growing effort to help improve advertising and traffic for small business!! Sieze this limited opportunity to get in early and help make a difference.