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Primary tabs asks the big question...Do You Really Need a .Com? responds "Go with .Pro"

We'll many of you know that what the real answer to that question is and it is...We'll of course you don't, If you're in business you need a .PRO!!  The questions is being asked by a major business source and many people are going to be considering the same thing many times over the next year what we already know.  .Com's have had their place as the premier extension online but that is going to slowly diminish over time as new extensions that offer very specific categories along with the continued giant expansion leads to an incredible array of new possibilities of where business can be conducted online. 

Of course we realize that it is close minded  to think that .Pro is the only place for all business to go to, but it is definetly an example of an extension that offers business a very solid web address that delivers a higher class image.  It is an extension that can help take your business to the penthouse and not just the standard business class.

Whether you subscribe to the .pro brand or vision of domains along with all the new gtld's is really your decision but is a business decision that you will have to deal with. There are some real advantages to owning a .com and that is the traffic that a .com can generate if you buy a good one. With the majority of people not realizing that there are other url's in the world the type in traffic to a .com is significant and can make you alot of money if you own one in your niche.

Will .com type in traffic last forever or should you even buy one if there are no traffic stats.

That is a hell of a good question as if your domain you are buying doesn't have existing targeted traffic then thinking twice may be the best answer. Purely from a business perspective why invest large amount of money in a mediocre .com when you can get a marketable address in another extension if you are going to have to invest in advertising anway. 

Some of the major points from .com'ers for not buying anything but a .com domain vary from:

  • You must own a .com before buying any other extension in the same keyword.
  • .Com values will always go up.
  • New .gtld's are destined for failure.
  • Big business owns .com domains and therefore it will always be #1.
  • .Com has the largest market share and all other extensions pale in comparison.

They've got some good points and really, although it's fun to kid about .com's demise the likelyhood of it going down overnight is not going to happen. However the thinking remains is that to invest in a .com as a small or medium sized business that doesn't come with pre existing traffic stats or some other benefits for the dollars that you are going to spend really may translate into not that beneficial for your business.

From my experience and many other web developers who have worked hard at developing both .com and non .com addresses online there is really the same struggle to get people to your website.  The content of the site is what is largely beneficial to the success of your business along with why people are going there.

When you really sit back and think about all of the successful .com's it's funny how all the really big ones aren't keywords anyway!?!

It makes you scratch your head. Think about it.,,,, & really have nothing to do with keyword traffic  at all. Yes, people are typing them in but the words outside of the context of what we know to find at the destinations really makes no logical sense.  These are all businesses that have chosen to develop brands online and could do so under any major extension with a marketable catchy name. 

Each one of these businesses could adjust there names to,,, Ebay.Stuff, Amazon.Books or Craigslist.Classfieds then shut down there .com's with a post it note saying they've changed address and I bet you everyone online would look them up and start using their new address. Google would also in this case quickly realize that the internet second revolution is in full swing and start ranking them all related to their new extensions and life would go on perfectly within the new context of domain search.

This is basically the advantage of buying into the next wave of the internet and understanding the importance of owning a relevant, marketable domain that works with the business you are developing.  Oh, I forgot to mention or will we see the day that it's Kayak.Travel or Travelocity.Vacation?  .Travel should be more relevant in the future too!

There is room online for a whole new variety of combinations and .Pro will slowly take hold as it is one of those unique, short and inherently premium sounding extensions that will help raise the bar for your business that works with a large amount of keywords in the extension.  Join the thousands of .pro owners that are buying .pro's for their business all over the world. Here is the link to INC.COM's article on www.'s