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.Pro hits home this week with 3 sales listings in DNJournal. hits the charts in the number 4 position this week on dnjournal. .Pro domains continue to make appearances on the sales charts in spite of the more reserved form of marketing for this extension. came in at $1,250 USD  and at $1,032 USD  are both decent sales.  ChatRoulette may be one of the first 2 word domain sales we've seen in the extension.  

User B&J of nameprose .pro domain thread reports that the....

 "Top German cities are hitting the market auction at Sedo: You can check all of them here: "

This is most likely an indication of the strong international interest in the .pro extension. The demand for quality .pro domains continues to rise and there is a giant opportunity for development in the extension.

The cost of domains

We predict that with the rise in quantity of choices of domains coming into the market and from what we've seen in the development of other great extensions like .me and .co that new internet business will have more incentive to choose a non .com for their business platform to keep the domain investment lower. It boggles my mind how people can invest thousands of dollars into some of the .com sales that you see these days when other domains are far more catchy and brandable in other extensions that can be picked up for less.

The market clearly has a .com mentality at this point and although the majority of industry leaders believe that .com will be the dominate player I beg to differ as already startup businesses are developing on other brands. 

Developing Domains

Truly there is an advantage for type in traffic, but for the small business and developer who is weighing where to invest the limited funds that they have it really comes down to a decision of how to invest their money and where are the greatest rewards. Realize that if you can't buy a .com or anyother domain that has proven type in traffic than it is most important to invest into a short brandable domain.

.Com's can be equally difficult to develop a top ranking google placement as almost any other if the domain doesn't receive instant type in traffic. Therefore if you are relying on SEO and other means of drawing to your traffic having a domain that people can remember and separates you from the crowds of choices that will be available is the way to go.


For those without the blessing of keyword traffic will have to concentrate on good old advertising and that can come in both traditional and modern online formats. The big news in advertsing this week is the launch of online ad network that proves to be a very cost effective ad network for promoting your online business.  The network is in early trial phase but is accepting publishers and advertisers that can start running ads for pennies on the dollar compared with other more well known advertising networks out there.  

We'll be publishing more infomation about and other engaging .pro news in future reports but wanted to keep those readers that are interested in knowing what is going on in the professional domain a the opportunity to be infomed.