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professional web sites with .pw domains announced at and

.pw has been throwing quite a publicity stunt with heavy marketing campaigns that include pretty stellar growth with recent reports showing the extension passing over 250,000 domains. This may not seem like a big deal in face of heavy weights like .com, .net or .org but honestly for an extension that most people wrote off and joke about they are quietly making some serious headway.

Lack of professional web development. Really?

There have been several articles regarding some spam issues with the domain extension that most likely goes along with an extension that has grown far more rapidly but the .pw registry appears to be cracking down on misuse of the extension and we are starting to see some more established websites start popping up under the keyword. and installment  

Lending online and installment loans are keywords in the payday loan space and given the hot segment for development it is not surprising that we find these 2 sites that offer applications online for loans. You can visit these sites here at and

The .pw professional web brand

Facts has contested that .pw will become an established brand and although we strongly support .pro it can't be denied that .pw has much stronger initial success in far fewer months. Although there is something to be said by growing more slowly as we've discussed the benefits for .pro for being stronger by having a more mature and long lasting client base of domain holders. .PW certainly is taking the other road similar to what .co did to quickly grab market share and is solidly winning at this game. 

While established domainers sit back on their .com brand and joke about newer extensions talking about how they are doomed for failure we feel there is a sea change of movement in new brands that are emerging online.  Not to say .com is boring but it could be come very generic compared to exciting combinations you find online. 

.pw means nothing, at least .pro is short for professional!

This is where branding comes in. The extension has found a niche and with hard marketing is driving professional into the extension. Even though we've hard hundreds of other other terms like 'pretty wierd', 'password', 'p.... whipped' ect.. you can't underestimate the power of marketing and that combined with the economy of buying something designated professional for cheap will help build the brand. Honestly it's a brand of domains that overtime people will view as professional.