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.PW landrush launched today...are just fools rushing in?

.PW if you don't already know stands for professional web. This new extension is helping add charge to a section of the internet that is geared towards professionals. The great advantage to this extension is that .PW comes into play as an unrestricted space which means that anyone can buy the domain and it can trade freely. 

Although there are people discussing the .PW landrush as foolish to buy as just another lousy extension outside of .com, we would beg to differ and have actually bought into the opportunity ourselves as the pw registry has been nice enough to allow 1'st year registrations through encirca for just 5 bucks. This is a relatively low cost to buy a handful of domains at a bargain price for the first year.

Is it foolish to buy .PW or is it foolish not to? 

The way they have advertised the domain extension itself was pretty interesting as one ad that was out there indicated that this extension was for all the people that missed the landrush for .com's back at the beginning of the internet. However crazy a statement that is it still makes you think and for the few dollars it costs to buy names in this extension its really a no brainer to want to grab a few premium .pw domains if you can get them.

For all .pro domain owners like myself it makes sense to diversify within the professional space.

.Pw doesn't really present a threat to .pro domains but has filled in where .pro has failed or not have had the ability to succeed. .PW will capitalize on .pro's registration requirement even though the .pw extension has a far less ring to the extension that .pro has.  .Pw could prove to show the world that the professional space is very viable and depending on the registry success of the landrush and launch it could actually help lift the overall market. 

Heck, the amount of marketing that has gone into this certainly has put their name in front of the domain industry and they are getting some pretty good press out of this since I've read multiple articles commenting on the success of the intial first 30 minutes of the open landrush today. Apparantly 4,000 signups in the first 30 minutes.

After searching the database for premium domains it was a hard nut to crack compared with what is available in .pro.  We we're able to dig up the following list of domains to go along with our already large investment in .pro development.

With that all said, it's our hope that .pw continues their push and continues to build on market share aggressively as whatever ground they forge should only help pave the road for an emerging .pro extension that also caters to this same professional market.  Let's hope .pw suprises the market with a large adoption of the extension may put some fire under .pro to make some needed modifications to remove restrictions and get the ball moving.