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Sedo .Pro Auction Running Now... Buy .pro premium city geo domains!

Premium geo domains for cities are largely part of a new .pro auction that has started on Sedo. There have been several large developments in .pro including sedo now including .pro and .mobi domains in the sedomls system. This will allow .pro domains to be part of a larger network of sites that could potentially bring in more .pro aftermarket buyers.

In addition, Encirca has announced that .pro can now be registered by anyone with a post graduate degree. The further loosens the restrictions to more qualified owners. Although the way it is phrased would exclude bachelors degrees unless you are professionally registered. Appears masters degrees and phd's would be accepted as it is post graduate.

All this adds up to .pro becoming more utilized and by the signs of early auction bidding a number of people are already making offers on a handful of the premium domains being listed. and have the higest reserves but that is only between 500 and 1,000 dollars where most of the city domains are between 1 and 500 dollars to meet reserve. has already hit the reserve at 199.  .Pro auctions in the past have attracted buyers and although this sedo .pro premium domain auction has not been widely advertised the word may travel or those that are bidding will pickup some exceptional investments in this growing extension.

We'll keep you posted as the auction will surely heatup towards the ending around Nov 15'th! Visit the Sedo .pro auction here.

Sedo .Pro Auction Running Now... Buy .pro premium city geo domains! | DN80


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