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1 day 17 hours
It looks like Hippo Insurance has secured the high value domain name from its longtime former registrant. If you visit today, you will be forwarded to The likely domain name acquisition was tweeted about by Jamie Zoch earlier this morning: Unicorn #domain name upgrade alert! Hippo Insurance which was founded in 2015 […]
1 day 4 hours
.Tech turns 4 years old this month and Radix, a sponsor here on TheDomains, sent out a press release with regards to the amount of funding raised by companies operating on a .tech. To date over $2billion has been raised in Venture Capital. 22nd Aug, Dubai. Radix, one of the world’s leading new top-level domains […] The post Startups on .tech domains raise $2B+ in VC funding appeared first on...
1 day 13 hours
To follow up with an article from earlier today, I want to share what I consider domain name inventory. Technically, all of my domain names are treated as inventory. If I had a storefront, my domain names would be the products I sell. When it comes to my portfolio, I look at names in two […]
2 hours 20 min
The Next Web published a piece about some of the early backers of Libra looking to back away and maybe back out completely. The story written by Yessi Bello Perez takes a look at a recent report from (you need to subscribe to read it). It looks like the backlash from regulators is prompting […] The post Support for Facebook’s Libra is beginning to wane appeared first on TheDoma...
17 hours 21 min
Brandsight is a corporate domain name management company that works with large brands on their domain name strategy and portfolio management. I received an email from the company announcing that it would be holding a free webinar to discuss hot topics in domain name management. Here’s what will be discussed in this webinar: “Even in […]
1 day 11 hours
So News Corp is looking to start a news aggregation service that will be both a website and a mobile app. They say they are doing this to address concerns publishers have with regards to Google and Facebook. The Wall Street Journal published an article News Corp is developing a news-aggregation service meant to address […] The post Huge Domains sells to News Corp appeared first on...
1 day 8 hours
I just saw a tweet from TechCrunch linking to an article announcing that a company called Capacity raised a $13.2 million in its Series B round of funding. In total, the company has raised $23.2 million in funding. The company, which was previously known as Jane.AI, recently secured the brand match domain name. Workplace […]
1 day 15 hours
Generally speaking, my largest and best domain name purchases are private deals. More often than not, I spend quite a bit of time and effort to close a deal. These private deals are worth it when buying higher value names. When it comes to standard inventory, though, I would much rather buy at auction than […]