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Domain Investing in new gtlds

 We're all seing the rollout of new top level domains (Gtld's)  but the big raging debate is whether these new extensions are a good investment or not.  Anyone who has read our articles realizes that we have a bias towards new extensions as shown in our long term support for .pro and other non .com extensions. 

It really comes down to whether you feel that the domain you are buying are solid opportunities.  It may help to ask yourself what type of business you can potentially run within the domain name that you are purchasing.  For example if you are looking at .graphics you need to ask your self what relevant business would want the domain you are buying.  

New domains are running over 30 dollars a pop unless you are buying Uniregistry domains that are going for around 20.  This is if you are buying during general registration that is the period after sunrise so many of the best domains may be unavailable. 

You can't rule out new gtld's as solid online business investements for the future.

.com may be around for a long time, but you can't rule out the fact that new business ventures will be developed using the new extensions.  Domain investing opportunities can be found but it is best to act quickly as most of the extensions will not pass the "toiletpaper test"  to qualify as truly broad generic extensions.

Put yourself into a new mindset and break free of viewing the internet in the way it has been over the past 10 or so years.  If you don't look forward you may miss the large opportunity in domain investing.  The old guard of domain investing may tell you that new gtld's will fail but we feel that although there will be failures in new domain extensions there will be several winners that will be able to help transform the way the modern day internet user looks at what domains are valuable.

Every new extension would like to unseat .com's large monopoly of registrants but in fact the mass bulk of new domains and the huge price difference between very available domains and just average .com domains will at some point level the internet.

Short memorable domains is where it is at when selecting domain names.

If the extension is long you better be looking at finding a short phrase in front of it. Then put the domain through several tests to ensure that it is going to hold up over the long haul. Generally if you decide that the domain could be used as an online business it very well may be worth adding it to your portfolio.

Be careful of buying junk. We've all fallen into it that have been buying domains for a while and a portfolio has to be managed on a monthly or annual basis to drop domains that are not as high quality.  Everyone will manage their portfolio's differently but constantly striving for improving the quality of your holdings is important.