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Guard against dangerous site hacks!

It's really becoming an increasingly difficult problem to maintain websites online.  For those of us that have run over 10 websites it is very possible that you have run into having your web servers hacked. It's a real pain in the but and it is forcing website owners to have to maintain a high level of security on the sites that we run.

Maintaining the latest modules and updates on all your sites can translate to a huge amount of your time!

What are you to do if you run a good quantity of sites and have had web hackers get into your server and start changing your index pages.  If you've dealt with this issue you know what we mean.  Here are a few tips that can make this less difficult:

  • Maintain a current backup of all your hosting files on your local computer.
  • Inventory your websites and consider reducing the amount of websites that you maintain based on your time.
  • Keep all modules on your site updated with the latest security updates.
  • Stick to the more widely used content management systems and preferably the ones that provide automatic updates. (wordpress is an excellent example of this)

Over the last year we've felt the grip of hackers and have had to do some drastic cleanup and reduce the quantity of sites that we develop. The hosting companies are leaning on webmasters to keep their sites updated with security updates and if you get hacked on a shared server it will most likely mean that all your websites could be shut down till you resolve the problem in your coding.

It's no fun and really if there was a way to actively go after the cyber criminals that foul up developers plans to run legitimate sites online it would be worth looking at.  But hackers have honest developers on the run and due to their knowledge of getting through passwords and breaking into hosting accounts through weak code in the sites it can be very difficult to strike back as we simply don't have the knowledge to compete with this.

Focus on your business and determine what sites that most interest you. There are many reasons why hosting a volume of sites doesn't really make sense any more.  Google search engine ranking and even the other major search engines are looking for quality websites and it is near impossible to develop more than a handful and maintain the quality that will be expected to achieve high rankings.

In summary, we have always pushed development on .pro and wanted for web developers to increase their footprints in order to do exciting things online and make use of the domains that so many just sit on.  However, be very careful in your efforts and realize that web management requires constant monitoring of your websites and a focus on being active in your sites security.