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Marketing.Pro a big .pro dn sale.

 Dnjournal reported this week another 5 figure domain sale for a single word generic domain. The sale totalled 10K which is a very reasonable price in IMHO. The domain is most likely worth over 5 times that but the market is being saturated right now with new extensions.

Tons of excitement over .club and .guru right now as they lead the new domain pack with close to 60,000 registrants each.  Of course at some point these new extensions will catch up with .pro that is reported to have over 110K registrants which is a level that has held steady over the last few years.

Keep in mind that new extensions don't have restrictions which along with lack of advertisement and industry support is proving to be a difficult fight for .pro to gain in new registrants. The old guard remain intact and .pro still has the opportunity of forging forward up the charts of popularity in the future as it is a very marketable and distinct domain extension.